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Josh is a faculty member who has over 10 years experience in fraternity and sorority advising. He brings a wealth of knowledge regarding curriculum design, strategic planning, applied research, program evaluation, statistical analysis, and outcome assessment.

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Gentry's work experience has been in fraternity and sorority advising and student conduct. His award-winning research examines the psychology of hazing, the moral development of college students, and the roots of fraternal brotherhood and sisterhood.

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Sarah currently serves as the Senior Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life at Indiana University. Her primary responsibilities include managing the organizational conduct process in partnership with the Office of Student Ethics, advising chapter and council leaders and supervising the graduate student staff. Before attending graduate school, she worked three years for Delta Zeta Sorority She is also a trained Alcohol Skills and Training Program facilitator and presenter for various national organizations.  

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Adam served as a campus fraternity/sorority advisor for 7 years, holding positions at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of New Hampshire. He served as national president of Theta Delta Chi from 2007 to 2011. Currently, Adam is a Higher Education doctoral candidate at Boston College, studying the relationships among chapter-held masculine norms, organizational socialization, and the problematic behaviors of fraternity men.