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Not only did our data reaffirm what FSL staff thought - it helped create a better conversation with chapters, advisors, and senior administration. It became a framework for our office to move forward with a strategic plan, grounded in data, analysis, and findings. The information was so helpful, in fact, the University agreed to conduct the research every two years in order to better understand organizational culture and see change in our community. 

in their own words

Redefining Brotherhood really resonated with our students.

By giving them a chance to think about ways to build a better brotherhood, this program helped them rethink what it means to be in a fraternity.

Redefining Sisterhood was extremely meaningful to me. As a member of my chapter's Executive Board, it was so eye-opening for me to see that by reshaping the chapter culture to further members' sense of belonging and appreciation of values, we can make a lifelong difference for our members.

simone klein

cornell University


gamma phi beta sorority

Working with Dyad Strategies has allowed us to engage in qualitative and quantitative research projects that far exceeds anything we would have been able to accomplish in-house. The findings from these research projects have influenced our recommendations for best practices in chapter operations and helped clarify our organizational priorities.

Becky gleason

zeta tau alpha fraternity

It is refreshing to see material that has a high research content and that provides real-life examples. Dyad Strategies has uniquely grounded analysis about the fraternal experience and its impact of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Courtney McKenna

Quinnipiac University

ZTA began working with Dyad Strategies to create and administer a personalized values assessment to measure ZTA’s impact on collegiate members. What we learned helps us be targeted in our strategic priorities, educational programming and resources to further develop the women in our chapters. Their work has reframed how we look at our organization and what success means in our chapters.



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