What does sisterhood mean to you?  Sorority women devote countless hours going to “sisterhood events,” chapter meetings, and recruiting new members, but how often do we step back and contemplate the true meaning of sisterhood?  Redefining Sisterhood does exactly that.  It brings women together to discuss their sisterhood and identify ways to develop an even deeper sisterhood within their chapter.

“Advancing Social Culture” will offer campuses the opportunity to collect data through a pre-visit assessment of the fraternity/sorority community, with data aggregated at the chapter levels, to better understand each chapter’s strengths and areas of vulnerability related to social culture. 

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redefining sisterhood

redefining brotherhood


Why did you join your fraternity?  Perhaps for the social experience, sense of solidarity and belonging, or maybe even to find a group of friends to challenge each other and hold each other accountable?  These are all aspects of brotherhood that the fraternity experience offers. Redefining Brotherhood explores these concepts in depth and helps fraternity men identify ways to strengthen their chapter’s brotherhood.

Accessing our research on brotherhood and sisterhood in combination with members' self-sefl-reported moral and ethical development creates a unique space for the development of emerging leaders or executive boards. The Apples or the Barrel? combines ethical reasoning, problem solving in a manner that helps students recognize moral dilemmas, resolve cognitive dissonance, and evaluate alternatives. In the end, they are better equipped to arrive at the optimal course of action.