What is the culture of the fraternity and sorority chapters on your campus? 

What are their attitudes about brother/sisterhood, hazing, and sexual assault? Do members feel a true sense of belonging? How committed are they to their chapters? Are they holding one another accountable? How much to they care about their social standing on campus, and how is that driving their ethical decision-making?

Our campus assessments are designed to provide both administrators and students with a meaningful understanding of chapter culture. We combine our own award-winning research with a host of other measures designed to bring chapter culture to light and help campuses develop both system-wide and chapter-specific strategies for improving social culture within their fraternity/sorority communities.

Our standard campus assessment includes the following measures:

  • Fraternal Brother/Sisterhood Questionnaire

  • Hazing Tolerance Scale

  • Hazing Rationale Scale

  • Sexual Assault Mentalities Scale

  • Alcohol Use/Consequences Scale

  • Organizational Commitment Scale

  • Ethical Behaviors Scale


In addition to our standard campus cultural assessment, we are also able to customize our assessments to measure a variety of learning/programmatic outcomes. Contact us today to find out more about our custom assessment programs and to find out if customized assessment is right for your campus.

Assessment + Programming

Our most popular packages for campus clients involve a combination of assessment and programming. Dyad will conduct an online campus assessment before our members of our facilitation team come to your campus to provide customized chapter programming. Programs can be designed to address
brotherhood/sisterhood broadly, or can be customized to focus specifically on recruitment, new member education, or sexual assault prevention. Depending on budget and the size of the community, programs can be done at the council level, or individually tailored workshops can be developed for each