Dyad Strategies Announces Partnership with Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity

Dyad Strategies announced today that the company has entered into a four-year partnership with Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. As part of this partnership, Dyad Strategies will conduct an annual assessment of the entire Phi Gamma Delta membership. The goals of this assessment will be to help the fraternity better understand the culture of its undergraduate chapters and to better understand the impact that membership in the Phi Gamma Delta has on student learning, growth and development.

As part of the partnership, Dyad Strategies has built a personalized member assessment tool for the fraternity. This assessment tool maps a variety of measures to developmental constructs associated with the fraternity’s values, including measures of personal responsibility, responsible citizenship, and common loyalty. These constructs will be measured at the individual level over time in order to better understand how membership in Phi Gamma Delta impacts the beliefs, values, and behaviors of fraternity members. Dyad will also deliver training and educational programs to Phi Gamma Delta staff, students and volunteers.


“Phi Gamma Delta is a leader in the fraternal industry, especially in the area of student leadership development,” said Dyad CEO Dr. Gentry McCreary. “We are thrilled to bring them on as a partner and to work hand in hand with them in order to better understand the culture of Phi Gam chapters and the impact that Phi Gamma Delta has on its undergraduate members. They join a growing list of data-driven organizations that are now part of the Dyad family.”


“One of Phi Gamma Delta’s strategic priorities is to ‘Know the Student Best’ – to develop an unparalleled knowledge of student aspirations and needs,” said Bill Martin, Phi Gamma Delta Executive Director. “As we sought a partner to help us achieve this aim, it became apparent quickly that Dyad Strategies is that partner. We believe that Dyad can help us improve our members’ experiences and our overall organization.”


To learn more about Dyad Strategies, visit our website at www.dyadstrategies.com


Dyad Strategies LLC is a consulting firm specializing in applied research and assessment, working in partnership with colleges/universities and fraternal organizations to measure and improve the impact of their work. Partners Gentry McCreary, Ph.D. and Joshua Schutts, Ph.D. are widely recognized as leading scholars in areas related to the fraternity/sorority experience.


Phi Gamma Delta is an international men’s fraternity that aims to Build Courageous Leaders. It is represented on 164 campuses, with over 11,000 undergraduate members and over 120,000 living alumni.

Andrea Skarbecki