The data that many organizations are currently collecting only tells part of the story about chapter culture. DYAD SEEKS TO TELL THE WHOLE STORY.  

Our research team at Dyad Strategies has worked with nearly a dozen inter/national fraternities and sororities to develop customized membership assessments designed to help organizations better understand both the culture of their chapters, as well as the impact that membership has on students in their organization.

Cultural Assessment

The data that many organizations are currently collecting only tells part of the story about chapter culture. While recruitment and GPA data is helpful, and consultant reports often provide useful anecdotes, are those data points telling a complete story? What is the culture of your fraternity and sorority chapters? What is really going on the day after the chapter consultant leaves? What are their attitudes about brother/sisterhood, hazing, and sexual assault? Do members feel a true sense of belonging? How committed are they to their chapters? Are they holding one another accountable? How much to they care about their social standing on campus, and how is that driving their ethical decision-making?

Our organizational cultural assessments are designed to provide fraternity/sorority leaders with a meaningful understanding of chapter culture. We combine our own award-winning research with a host of other measures designed to bring chapter culture to light and help organizations develop both system-wide and chapter-specific strategies for improving social culture within their fraternity/sorority chapters. 

Our standard campus assessment includes the following measures:

  • Fraternal Brother/Sisterhood Questionnaire

  • Hazing Tolerance Scale

  • Hazing Rationale Scale

  • Sexual Assault Mentalities Scale

  • Alcohol Use/Consequences Scale

  • Organizational Commitment Scale

  • Ethical Behaviors Scale

Membership Impact Assessment

How does being a member of your organization impact the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of students? How are they learning and growing as a result of membership in your organization? In addition to measuring chapter culture, our research team at Dyad specializes in helping fraternal organizations measure the impact they have on students. With some clients, we have developed customized measures of values congruence, helping organizations understand how student attitudes and behaviors connected to organizational values change over time. With other clients, we’ve taken their own member learning goals and mapped them to specific constructs and measured them over time, examining program participation and other chapter-level experiences as dependent variables. Through the use of validated measures and repeated-measures design, we are able to help our clients tell their story to potential donors and host campuses by providing them with data that demonstrates how membership in their organization is impacting student learning and development.