Hazing Investigation Training – Full Day Training

Organizational hazing investigations are difficult. They are often filled with lies, half-truths, and misinformation. Cutting through the veil of silence and secrecy can often be difficult, but it is not impossible. It requires knowledgeable, skilled investigators who understand the unique nuances of hazing and the variety of ways that student groups will collude and obfuscate in order to hide the truth.

Over the last four years Dr. Gentry McCreary has trained hazing investigators for over 50 college and university campuses. In addition to providing investigator training, Dr. McCreary is also available to conduct external hazing investigations for your most difficult hazing cases. Dr. McCreary brings over 12 years of experience in working with fraternity and sorority communities (including stints as Director of Fraternity/Sorority Affairs at both Middle Tennessee State University and the University of Alabama). His award-winning research examines the motivational factors behind fraternity hazing and he has conducted hazing investigations for both campus and organizational clients.

This full-day training covers hazing policy, investigation protocol, questioning strategy, the psychology of hazing, and creating meaningful hazing sanctions/outcomes. Campuses who book this training will also receive a variety of resources, including a model organizational misconduct process, a model hazing policy, sample investigation reports, and copies of all training materials.

External Reviews

In addition to training and programming, Dyad Strategies also conducts external reviews for campus clients, particularly in the areas of fraternity/sorority life, risk management associated with fraternities/sororities, and the organizational misconduct process. When coupled with our campus cultural assessments, these external reviews can give senior campus leadership a clear picture of the unique challenges of their fraternity/sorority community, the strengths and shortcomings of their fraternity/sorority office, and strategies for improvement.