Dyad PNM Assessment

Why are students seeking out the fraternity/sorority experience on your campus? What are they hoping to gain from their membership? What are their expectations around hazing, alcohol use, and sex? Are certain types of students gravitating towards certain organizations on your campus?


If you have ever found yourself asking these questions about prospective members on your campus, then the Dyad PNM Survey is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Anchored by our “Motivation to Join” scale, the Dyad PNM Survey provides campuses with meaningful data related to why students are joining and what they are hoping to gain from the experience. Are they looking for a place to belong? A place to party? Leadership/involvement opportunities? Networking? By understanding what students on your campus are looking for in a fraternity/sorority experience, you can provide meaningful education to your chapters in order to align the chapter experience with what students are seeking.

Data from the PNM Survey are aggregated at the council & chapter levels.

At the council level, campuses can benchmark against their peers to understand if PNM expectations are significantly different from other campuses. Campuses also receive chapter-level data. As part of our data analysis, campuses provide us with the results of their recruitment process, including who joined which chapters, who withdrew from the process, and who was released from the process. In this way, campuses can see which chapters are recruiting various types of students based on their motivations to join, their previous experiences with alcohol, and their expectations of the experience.

The Dyad PNM Survey includes the following scales:

  • Motivation to Join

  • Conformity Scale

  • Hazing Tolerance

  • Prior Experiences with Hazing

  • Hazing Expectations

  • Prior Experiences with Alcohol

  • Responsibility

  • Openness to Diversity

  • Community Awareness

  • Masculine Norms Inventory (for prospective fraternity members)

  • Authenticity (for prospective sorority members)

  • Demographics Questionnaire

The survey also features a series of skip logic questions for those students who indicate that they have a strong preference for which chapter(s) they want to join prior to the recruitment process. These questions are designed to understand the nature of their preferences including the nature of the information they are receiving about these chapters.

For information about pricing & implementation, please contact

Gentry McCreary at gentry@dyadstrategies.com