Building Authentic Sisterhood Through Recruitment

What’s the key to a successful recruitment? An authentic sisterhood, that goes beyond surface level interactions, that shines through in every round.


What’s the key to a successful recruitment?

Over the last four years, Dyad Strategies has been engaged in ongoing research about the sorority experience. Through partnerships with national organizations and campuses, we have surveyed over 150,000 sorority members on over 300 campuses. We have conducted in-depth qualitative analysis of the chapters that measure exceptionally high on the various constructs of sisterhood, and have learned that, for these chapters, strong sisterhood starts during the recruitment process. Our Sisterhood/Recruitment programs are designed to teach sorority members what we have learned about how America’s strongest sorority chapters build authentic sisterhood through they manner in which recruit new members.

Our expert facilitators will offer engaging and dynamic customizable workshops on your campus for any of the following audiences:

Potential New Members

This one-hour workshop prepares PNM’s for the recruitment process by helping them learn how to engage in conversations that will show what type of sisterhood they are looking for and help them show the chapter’s how they would fit into that sisterhood.  This workshop will push PNM’s to not become overwhelmed with the aesthetic of the recruitment process, and instead strive to find an organization where they will truly belong and to whom they will be committed long after their collegiate years.

Individual Chapters

This 90 minute workshop starts by having members take the Fraternal Sisterhood Questionnaire, then reviewing the 5-schema of Sisterhood and challenging women to reflect on how their chapter would rate in the categories of: shared social experience, belonging, support and encouragement, accountability and common purpose.  The workshop then works sorority members through a conversation on how to capitalize on the strengths of their sisterhood throughout the recruitment process, selling a meaningful and authentic version of their sisterhood to prospective members. Finally, this workshop helps chapters process through how to improve their sisterhood and develop strategies to socially integrate new members into a healthy and positive sisterhood after recruitment.

Recruitment Counselors and Panhellenic Executive Boards

This one-hour workshop will help recruitment counselors and Panhellenic executive boards understand the concepts being presented to PNM’s and chapter members so they have the ability to reinforce the conversations started in these workshops. The workshop walks through the 5-schema of Sisterhood and provides recruitment counselors with the skills to help guide PNM’s through the process by helping them seek a genuine sisterhood experience that is right for them.


This one-hour workshop will help chapter advisors see their potential to push their chapters forward towards a more authentic recruitment experience. In this workshop, we will review the common themes and trends that emerge within the research on authentic sisterhood and discuss best practices in a way that will help advisors support their chapters prepare for and execute a more authentic recruitment process. This workshop will also provide Advisors with suggestions and guidance on how to weave the concepts of sisterhood into the new member process and general chapter operations to strengthen the overall health of the chapter.

Recruitment Chairs/Teams + Chapter Presidents

This 90 minute workshop will discuss the well-known notion of ‘taboo topics’ during recruitment (boys, booze, bibles) and highlight the pitfall of monitoring conversations around polarizing topics. We will discuss the recruitment aesthetic and how the push to present a perfect image is presenting a false sense of reality, limiting sisterhood, and creating situations in which new members join an artificially construed image instead of an authentic sisterhood.

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